Infostrada Sports

Infostrada Sports is a worldwide provider of comprehensive sports statistics and information services. The core of Infostrada Sports' activities are its sports databases.

All facts and figures on matches, athletes, teams, results, competitions, tournaments, stadiums, sponsors and much more are stored in what are now considered to be one of the world's largest sports databases.

Infostrada Sports not only covers facts and figures, but also news, biographies and sports-related material such as photos and videos on over 100 sports. Infostrada Sports offers a wide range of products and services which, though varied in look and feel, have one thing in common: they are all about sport.


The photographs used on the Wall of Fame are sourced from Reuters, Action Images and Color Sport. By the nature of the project we were not able to source all photos through photo agencies. In some very rare cases we have sourced photos from the Internet. We have endeavoured to clear all rights.


If you feel you need to make a comment or suggestion feel free to email us at Do not expect a direct response or a lively debate, but we sincerely appreciate comments and will take your input on board for future consideration.

Infostrada Sports' HQ in 360°

At Infostrada Sports' Headquarters, it's all about sports. Have a 3D look in 360° at our office with the panorama pictures below.