Kook Hyun Jeong

S Korea


World Champion
4 x

Country South Korea
Date of birth 15 Mar 1961 
Era 1980s
List of honours World Championship Gold: Light Middleweight 1982, 1983, Welterweight 1985, 1987

Kook Hyun Jeong
Profile Born on 15 March 1961, Kook Hyun Jeong was dominant in the sport of taekwondo during much of the 1980s when he won four World Championship gold medals, first in the light middleweight class and then in the heavier welterweight class. Kook Hyun Jeong broke through into the top level of international competition after setting himself a gruelling winter training program during his first year at university, at the beginning of the 1980s. He represented South Korea for eight years during which time he was totally self disciplined in following a strict physical training plan and even abstaining from coffee. This paid dividends at the 1982 World Taekwondo Championships at which he won gold in the light middleweight class. He successfully defended his title a year later before moving up a weight class to welterweight. Jeong would analyse his opponents down to the smallest detail in order to read their moves and to take advantage of their weaknesses. This attention to detail won him gold at the next two World Taekwondo Championships to take his total to four World Championship golds won at four successive events. Since retiring, Kook Hyun Jeong has been coaching and refereeing taekwondo and became a professor at South Korea’s National Sport University.