Why a Wall of Fame?

As a company which makes its business from sports, Infostrada Sports were looking for a way to pay tribute to sportsmen and women and their achievements, as they laid the foundations on which our business is built. We could not think of a better way to do this than to design a complete wall dedicated to 500 of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen of all-time!

After months of preparation and debate over which individuals deserved a spot on our wall, the Wall of Fame was launched in November 2006 at Infostrada Sports' headquarters in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

Photographs of the selected individuals are displayed on the wall, with every space on the Wall of Fame also including biographical information and achievements of the sportsman or woman.

Since its unveiling, the Wall of Fame has proved a talking point for all our clients and employees and serves as a spectacular visual addition to our headquarters in the Netherlands.. At the same time the Wall of Fame inspires Infostrada Sports to achieve the same as all the athletes on the wall: To be the best!

Who is on the Wall of Fame?

To create a list of the 500 greatest athletes of all time was not an easy job and many people both inside and outside of Infostrada Sports were asked for their opinions before the first 500 people were selected.

We have been asked why we did not make a list from 1 to 500. By creating a list of the greatest athletes without ranking them we hope that lesser known sportsmen and women will receive more attention and, in our view, the attention they deserve.

The current Wall of Fame will change in the future and this is where you come in. Every year we will nominate a number of possible new inductees for the Wall of Fame and we will ask you to vote for one man and one woman to be added to the Wall. The first of these elections took place at the end of 2009.